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Arboreal Dreams Speculative Tree Poems

Unpublished, speculative poems and illustrations sought for anthology on trees edited by Akua Lezli Hope.

Submit 3 poems, max, from Oct. 1, 2022 to Jan. 31, 2023, to Include name and email address on each page of .doc, .docx or .txt file sent as a file attachment 3 images max, at least 300 dpi in .png or .jpg format.

There are an estimated 3.04 trillion trees, 422 for every person on earth. We know now that trees communicate and protect each other. They make, prefer, and form communities. We don’t see what they see or know what they know. The seemingly dead stump may still be nourished and cherished by his living surround

— in grief? in memory?

Most trees outlive us, unless we kill them.

Send your tree-centered and tree-themed

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