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Speculative Poetry


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About Speculative Poetry

What Is Speculative Poetry?

Speculative Poetry includes:

alternate history, cyberpunk, dystopia, fairytales, fabulism, fantasy, folklore, futurism, horror, magic, mythology, occult, paranormal, robots, science fiction, slipstream, superheroes, supernatural, sword and sorcery, sword and soul, steamfunk, steampunk, time-travel, post-apocalyptic, and weird.  It takes all poetic forms plus scifaiku.


For November 2024  Poetry Line will present a new poem each week  607.622.0414.


On October 17, 2024, for Black Poetry Day, 4 speculative poets will be featured for a reading  live on Facebook via Zoom.

On July 14, 2024, there will be a reading of disability-focused speculative poetry presente live on Facebook via Zoom.


For March 2024, Starburst, presents women who write speculative poetry every Sunday for Women's History Month, live on Facebook via Zoom.


The Speculative Sundays Poetry Reading Series 2023 commenced on February 19 with Haanu Afere.


The Afrofuturist Pastorale Speculative Poetry 2022 series was  presented quarterly live on Facebook via Zoom.


The Speculative Sundays Poetry Readings 2020-2021 recordings can be found. the Speculative Poetry Facebook page and via Zoom.

Outer Space

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen

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